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President's Message


Ketan Patel


Temple President Message

Om Ganeshaya Namaha 
Wishing you and your family good health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year! 
With the blessings of Lord Prasanna Ganapathi, Parivara Devata and Sadguru Sai baba and the support of our Hindu Temple Omaha Board of Trustee, Executive Committee, Priests, Employees, Devotees and Volunteers, I am honored to be serving as President of Hindu Temple of Omaha. I thank one and all for this great opportunity to serve our esteemed Temple. I promise to deliver my services with sincere dedication and commitment keeping community and temple needs as first priority. 
Temples are institutions of learning, carriers of culture, preservation of history, a tool to uplift the society, providing the eternal bliss and showing the spiritual path to everyone. With all these founding principles, our temple has been serving the people of Nebraska for over 25 years. I feel that we are blessed to have support and guidance of founding members and several community leaders who have been serving the temple for last few years.
With all your continual support, we have come a long way. To our beautiful temple, we added Social hall, Sai Baba Sanctum, Community Hall to support the community. We still have plenty of challenges. As the president, I would like to focus on providing the utmost spiritual experience to all our devotees, promote our ancient culture, re-enforce the founding principles. The years of experience I gained in serving the community in various capacities, temple guidelines and changing needs of devotees will guide me to serve the community in the most desired way. 
We are fortunate to have most learned and well trained priests performing the rituals with high dedication, keeping the community needs and service on their mind. Their commitment, dedication, energy and service brings lot of positive vibrations to the temple. We are grateful to the services of our facility manager who helps us with facilities. I am indebted to hundreds of volunteers who are providing selfless services. 
While I continue to carry the excellence of service from the current days, I want to focus on promoting temple’s go green initiative, help Temple Debt Free, upgrade community center to Temple Canteen and support with Sant Sadhan which we believe will help promote Santa Dharma and engage our future generations. Few other areas of my focus is temple’s outside beautification/ Landscape and providing the over-all pleasant experience to all our devotees/visitors. 
The Executive Committee and Temple Staff are here to assist you, so please reach out to us with any suggestions and concerns you may have from time to time. I conclude my message with following sloka

Kaayena Vaacaa Manase[a-I]ndriyairvaa
Buddhy[i]-Aatmanaa Vaa Prakrteh Svabhaavaat |
Karomi Yad-Yat-Sakalam Parasmai
Naaraayannayeti Samarpayaami || (i)


Whatever I do with the Body, Speech, Mind or the Sense Organs,
Either by discrimination of the Intellect, or by the deeper feelings of the Heart, or by the existing Tendencies of the Mind,
I Do them All without Ownership,
And I Surrender them at the feet of Sri Narayana 
May Lord Prasanna Ganapathi Bless us all.

Ketan Patel
President, Executive Committee (2021-22)

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  • Temple Cafeteria Saturday10:30 AM - 12:00 PM and 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM

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