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Vedantic Society Nebraska


Office Title Name Phone
Executive Committee President Muralidhar Chintapalli  
Executive Committee Vice President Deepa Kashyap  
Executive Committee Secretary Sundara Chokkara  
Executive Committee Asst. Secretary Gayathri Ram  
Executive Committee Treasurer Swarna Gopalakrishnan  
Executive Committee Asst. Treasurer Yashaswini Kuriyavar  
Executive Committee Member (16 - 18) Sudhakar Ammanamanchi  
Executive Committee Member (16- 18) Padmanabhan Natarajan  
Executive Committee Member (16 - 18) Smita Dash  
Executive Committee Member (15 - 17) Venkatesh Bettadapura  
Executive Committee Member (15 - 17) Sathyanarayana Pavuluri  
Executive Committee Member (15 - 17) Deva Kandel  
Executive Committee Past President Murali Deshpande  
Committee Chairpersons Pooja & Religious Phani Tej Adidam  
Committee Chairpersons Pooja & Religious Srini Nedunuri   
Committee Chairpersons Finance SayiKishore Repakula  
Committee Chairpersons Education Vandana Singh   
Committee Chairpersons Education Monica Arora  
Committee Chairpersons Cultural Deepa Kashyap  
Committee Chairpersons Cultural Keerti Ranjit  
Committee Chairpersons Mahaprasad Surendra khandavalli  / Kantharaj Etigi  
Committee Chairpersons Facility Maintenance SrinivasaRao Mallipudi  
Committee Chairpersons IT Management Kameswara Rao Myneni  
Committee Chairpersons Temple document archival  Tirumala Chengalasetty   
Committee Chairpersons Temple Tours & Public Relation Vandana Singh & Natasha Keshwani  
Committee Chairpersons Social Hall  Gowridhar Madhu  
Committee Chairpersons Volunteer & Welcome Harish / Nageswarao Atota  
Committee Chairpersons Nomination Murali Deshpande  
Committee Chairpersons Vedantic Center of Nebraska Phani Tej Adidam  
Committee Chairpersons Publications Nagendra Chaturvedi  
Board of Trustees Chairperson Sriram Ravipati  
Board of Trustees Vice Chairperson Prem Bansal  
Board of Trustees Secretary Asha Deshpande  
Board of Trustees Member (15 - 17) Srinivasa Malipudi  
Board of Trustees Member (15 - 17) Jayesh Thakkar  
Board of Trustees Member (15 - 17) Bhavana Dave  
Board of Trustees Member (16 - 18) Sandeep Agrawal  
Board of Trustees Member (16 - 18) Sanjay Varma  
Board of Trustees Member (16 - 18) Gowridhar Madhu  
Board of Trustees Fund Raising Alekha Dash  
Board of Trustees Long Range Planning Rakesh Singh    
Board of Trustees Special Advisor to the Board Chair  Subhash Bhatia   
Board of Trustees Past Chairperson Shashi Bhatia  
Temple Staff Priest Pandit Nagabhat Vidyashankar  
Temple Staff Priest Pandit Damodara Bhattar  
Temple Staff Priest Pandit Laxmikanth  
Temple Staff Administration Chandrasekaran

Temple Timings

  • Weekdays09:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 5:30 PM - 09:00 PM
  • Weekends08:30 AM - 02:00 PM and 04:00 PM - 09:00 PM

Quick Contact

Hindu Temple Limited, 13010 Arbor Street, Omaha, NE 68144.

Phone: (402) 697-8546

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